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Issue 2, Page 3: Bottled Up



Read  Page 3 Here!

I am so sorry that we forgot to post the update last night!

Webmaster Mike & I are selling our house and moving across the country at the same time that Chris and I are launching The-Most-Audacious-Thing-We’ve-Ever-Tried-To-Pull-Off at Paper Wings and the Oatley Accademy.

It’s been a non-stop whirlwind for the last two weeks and when I was finally able to catch my breath last night, I relaxed a little too much, and forgot the update all together.  Oops!

When the amazing Matt Ashcraft built us our lovely new comics archives page, he also built us a new script that will schedule updates for the FIRST TIME in Dreamer history! That means that Mike can put the new pages into a queue and poof! they’ll appear exactly when they’re supposed to.

As soon as Mike gets that up and running this shouldn’t happen again, despite how crazy things are sure to get in the next few months.

As always, thanks for reading!!

And I’m thinking about expanding the Dreamer team so that we can make the comic even better, and release it even faster.

More to come on that…


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