The Return

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages asking when The Dreamer will return.

The answer is SOON!

I’ve finished Issue #1 of the Countdown to Culper, which was important to me so that when the comic begins updating again, you won’t have to worry about whether I’ll take another break. I have a very big buffer now.

In the meantime, sign up for the Dreamer Newsletter if you haven’t. You get a free extended cut version of Issue #14, and when the comic returns, I’ll notify you via the email list. So no one will miss the news.

wax seal

If you’re coming to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, look for me at Booth #3000 in the Kids Love Comics area. I’ll be selling wax-sealed box-sets of all three Dreamer volumes!

Stop by, I’d love to meet you.

Stay tuned… the webcomic returns in the near future!

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Dreamer Digital Downloads


The Dreamer is finally available for your E-Readers!

Each complete graphic novel is only $9.99 in digital format!

IDW or comiXology Apps

iBooks Volume 1
iBooks Volume 2
iBooks Volume 3

Amazon Kindle Volume 1
Amazon Kindle Volume 2
Amazon Kindle Volume 3

If you like the books, take a minute to leave us a review. Reviews help The Dreamer move higher up in the search lists.  Thanks!


And The Dreamer was featured on today!

Check it out!

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FanArtPolooza 2014: Winners Announced!

FanArtPolooza 2014 has come to a close.

It’s time to announce the winners!

There was one overall winner and two runners-up.

But there are two bonus winners as well!  Find out if you were one of them below the cut.

The Grand Prize Winner goes to…


Modern Attire Nathan Hale by Alexis Pampa!

Congrats, Alexis! I’ll be sending you:

  • A signed copy of The Dreamer Volume 3, with a personalized sketch inside of your favorite character!
  • A signed Dreamer Print of your choice!
  • And the complete set of Dreamer Short Story downloads!

Mike and love this piece so much we want a print to hang on my office wall.

(I also want a matching Join or Die tattoo…)

The Two Runners-Up are… Continue reading

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FanArtPollooza 2014: Round 6!

This is it! The final round of entries for FanArtPollooza 2014: Time Warp. You guys really pulled out all the stops this year! And a lot of you stayed up late to get these in by midnight on Friday. I was receiving entries at all hours of the night! I was very impressed, and your efforts certainly paid off.

Check out all of the entries we received over the past few days!

“Dreaming In Steampunk” by Janaun Melvin, who brilliantly steampunked Ben, Beatrice, and Alan in intricate detail:


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FanArtPollooza 2014: Round 5!

It’s that time. FanArtPollooza ends TONIGHT! There’s one more blog post coming later, but for now check out the awesome entries below the cut!

Dreamer Space Stories” by J. Kevin Carrier, who channeled his inner Wally Wood to give us a peek at retro science fiction Bea:


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