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Latest Post From the Blog

Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 24th, 2016|17 Comments


Today has been a special holiday for The Dreamer, ever since Alan and Bea climbed their first apple tree on a chilly, Thanksgiving afternoon.

But like most of our country, I have a heavy heart and wasn’t sure how to celebrate. Americans are bringing fear, distrust, and division to our tables this year. Republican, Democrat… Loyalist, Tory… Union and Confederate… the fabric of this schism is different, the outcome uncertain, but the notion of families being ripped apart by politics? As old as the nation.

That doesn’t make it any more palatable.

I asked Patreon if anyone had a question for a member of The Dreamer cast for a new Ask A Dreamer! comic strip. Katherine Diamond asked the right question for this unique moment in time:

“Bea, how will you celebrate Thanksgiving now that you’re stuck in the 1700s?”

Read the comic below the cut.

While I have your ear, an update on the webcomic: I’m two-thirds finished with revisions to the Reboot. I’ve been posting the new cover drawings on Instagram, and the revised pages (and a few new ones) on Patreon under the “Reboot” tag.

Webcomic updates will resume after the holidays. In the meantime, people often ask me for book recommendations so I added a new Library tab to the site. Just in time for your Christmas List.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dreamers. Read the comic below the cut. It might take a moment to load, because this one is a doozy… […]

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