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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 13-14: Liberty Pole

March 22nd, 2017|17 Comments

Read Pages 13 and 14 here!

In the eyes of the British, Liberty Poles and Liberty Trees were sites of sedition. Patriots would use them as gathering spots for meetings, speeches, protests, and sharing news. If you remember, back in issue 14 Joseph Warren took Alan to a Stamp Act protest under Boston’s Liberty Tree.

In the tumultuous years leading up to the Revolution, authorities waged tiny wars against the Patriots by tearing down these symbols only to have them re-erected, torn down again, repeat. When the British army occupied New York City during the events in this issue, they tore down the Liberty Pole to symbolize their triumph and authority over the city.

If you’re curious about the historical research I put into The Dreamer, I wrote about my research process using today’s update as an example. Follow the clues as I tracked down images of New York City’s Liberty Pole so I could draw it properly in this scene. Read about it on Patreon in my post, “Research and Reference.”


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