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Watch Lora on The American Revolution, a three-part miniseries on The American Heroes Channel.

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The American Revolution airs Monday, December 15th at 9 & 10pm ET and Tuesday, December 16 at 9pm ET.

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  • Discovery Channel

Watch Me On “The American Revolution” Mini-Series


Discovery Channel

This summer Discovery Networks interviewed me for their upcoming mini-series, THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, for the the American Heroes Channel.

The series focuses on little known heroes of the Revolutionary War. I was brought on to talk about—who else?—Dr. Joseph Warren!

I spoke about a lot of other topics and I’ve been told that I’m on all three episodes.

The three part event airs this week:

Parts 1 & 2: Monday December 15 at 9/8c and 10/9c

Part 3: Tuesday, December 16th at 9/8c


Time Warner airs on Channel 140
Comcast (Xfinity) airs on Channel 112
Direct TV airs on Channel 287
Uverse AT & T airs on Channel 259
Dish Network on Channel 195


 If you don’t have cable, I’ve been told the individual episodes will be available on either iTunes or GooglePlay. As I get links for those, I’ll share them with you.

You can catch a sneak peek of me on this clip about Salem Poor who fought at Bunker Hill:

Is that a tricorn hat pendant? Why yes, yes it is.

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