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Issue 2, Page 26: Home Again

July 31st, 2015|1 Comment


Read Page 26 Here!

That’s a wrap for Issue #2!

Issue #3 will start next Friday!

The last two months have been a whirlwind. We sold our house, but we haven’t relocated yet. Instead, we’re spending the summer at Mike’s parents’ house, which means that even little things like “Where do I keep my underwear” require a lot more mental energies than they used to.

(Forget having to pack for my two biggest conventions, back to back, when I don’t know where any of my gear is…)

Add a surprise, random eye injury to the mix and I need a few more days to get the next issue ready.

So we’ll be back next Friday with the cover and then updates resume as usual!


Speaking of cons, Otakon was a blast, as usual.

Hello to everyone I met there! Thanks for stopping by my table to see me. I love meeting all of you, it’s what makes the craziness of conventions worth while.


I finally got my hands on one of those “Share a Coke with a Dreamer” cans!

Thanks, Marvin!!


And almost the entire Dream Team assembled at Otakon!

With me here are Alyce Evans, who is my research assistant on Countdown to Culper, Julie Wright, colorist! and Alan Evans, who is helping with story.

Speaking of Alan, we stayed up till 1 AM at Otakon talking about Issue #3 and had a few major story breakthroughs. I love having someone else to bounce ideas around with.

Speaking of Alan, he launched his own Patreon this week. Check it out!


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