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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Page 28: Loyalties

August 16th, 2017|8 Comments

Read the Issue 4 conclusion here!

That’s a wrap on Issue #4! I mentioned on The Dreamer’s ten year anniversary that I’ll be changing the webcomic update schedule: between issues I’m taking scheduled breaks, and resuming updates once I have enough of a head start on the next issue that it will update uninterrupted.

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In the meantime, sign up for my Patreon. At the $5 or $9 level you’ll see all the updates as I complete them, and won’t have to wait for the issue to start here on the site. At the $1 level you can read the brand new Frederick Knowlton short story “First Steps” to get your Dreamer fix!

See me next at Dragon Con, Sept 1–4 and Baltimore Comic Con, Sept 22-24!

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