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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 12-13: Ouch

Read Pages 12 and 13 here! Well, Alan, that's one way to break the ice... Next weekend I'll be in Vegas, baby! At ClexaCon, promoting my latest book, Wynonna Earp. I'll have prints and graphic novels, and I'll bring some Dreamer books as well. Look for me in Artists Alley with a blue Wynonna Earp banner. Curious about [...]

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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 10-11: Deserters

Read Pages 10 and 11 here! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the trio known unofficially as “The Lost Boys.” They’re the trio who first gave Alan grief all the way back in issue #1… and have been the bane of his existence ever since. They’ve bothered Frederick and Jack, too. They’ve even popped up in one of The [...]

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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 7-9: Gold Guinea

Read Pages 7, 8 and 9 here! In Bea's defense, I couldn't have picked out the guinea before I googled it, either. Poor girl, volunteered for a job she thought she'd have internet access for... I finally got my copies of Colonial Comics Volume II in the mail this week. I wrote two stories in this anthology, and illustrated one of [...]

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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 5-6: For Nathan

Read Pages 5 and 6 here! I haven't announced here yet that I'll be at ClexaCon in Las Vegas, March 3-5, promoting Wynonna Earp. Look for me in Artist Alley under my giant new banner stand: I'll have copies of the Wynonna Earp: Homecoming graphic novel I illustrated, Wynonna Earp prints, as well as Dreamer books and prints. Can't wait to meet [...]

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The Dreamer Updated! NEW Pages 2-4: Making Sense

Read Pages 2, 3 and 4 here! There's more to Alan's promise to her father than Bea realizes... The "Jack" in question is Alan's youngest cousin, Dr. John Warren who helped break Alan's fever back in chapter 14. Jack wasn't too happy about sending his patient back into the field so soon after his recovery. Jack and Bea don't have [...]

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