Issue #17 Page 5: Alex?

New Page #5!

young alexander hamilton

After two issues of trying to get here in time, this is not the news Bea wanted to hear. Not from Hamilton, not from anyone.


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59 Responses to Issue #17 Page 5: Alex?

  1. nessili says:


    Okay, I’ve escaped the worst of the feels so far, but the VI got me.

  2. Caera says:

    Lol She called him Alex. Ever so informal, Bea! But then again they supposedly have known each other for a while.

    And, Hammy-Freckles is sad. Oh noes, this is bad. Poor Bea, poor Alan. Poor Tallmadge!!!

    The VI: OMG I just melted down again. That’s so sad and adorable…

  3. Melissa says:

    My first reaction:Oh no, please no…not Nathan

    My second: Alex? She just called him Alex? First name basis ;)

    • Melissa says:

      And oh my goodness!!! The VI :'( So sweet, but oh, my heart… <Z3

      • Caera says:

        Alan’s gonna be jelly!

        • Melissa says:

          I know! First names are saved for family and very very special people. :) Poor Alan. Or we can just blame Bea’s candid personality to explain her lack of propriety.

          • Melissa says:

            Or were we speaking of the sweet moment? Awww, no, I think Alan would understand.

          • Caera says:

            That comment was actually supposed to be in reference to Shari’s comment on thread above, but smart phones and blog gremlins misplaced it. Still, it was kinda relevant to what you said here about the first names. lol

  4. Hannah says:

    Even when reading these pages a part of my brain is still whispering, “He’s not really dead! He’s not really dead!”

    *sigh* Oh well. At least Captain Hamilton’s freckles can cheer me up a bit.

  5. Brian says:

    as always, this is really well done.

    why is the preview page referred to as the VI?
    that has been bothering me awhile

  6. Dodger says:

    Bea, just casually hanging out and chatting up our nation’s founders, callin’ ‘em by their first names and stuff.

  7. Brent says:

    First reaction – They found out rather quickly, didn’t they?

    Second reaction – ….and what would the source of this info be, Miss not-a-companion?

    Third reaction – Nooooo…….


    Beatrice: “How? How could this happen?”
    Hammy: “They say he was in Harlem, and suddenly people started shaking him down.”
    Beatrice: “So…….a Harlem shake killed him?”
    Hammy: “So it would seem.”
    Beatrice: “My god…..”

  8. Allora says:

    I feel like I was really holding onto the hope that Nathan wasn’t really dead (even though hundreds of years of history and a beautifully told rendition of his death told otherwise). I’m seriously so sad now! It’s like sinking in the first time. :*( RIP Nathan.

  9. Bea: …Alex?
    Hamilton: I know where he is. Now. I was coming to tell you because I wanted you to hear it from me.
    Bea: Where? Where is he?!
    Hamilton: Beatrice my dear…Nathan is not here. He has gone on to a better world–one full of chickens and gremlins. I’m so sorry.
    Bea: No!
    Hamilton: On the other hand, the color scheme there is awfully nice. Very calming.

    • …Not that he would know much about color schemes. I mean, come on; his hair is the same shade of pink as a Mariposa Barbie I used to have.

      • Julie says:

        WIN!!! :) I nominate this for gold star!!! :D

      • Brent says:

        HA! CC, I think we might have your much desired 3rd gold star.

      • Melissa says:

        I third nominate! Lol, thats an epic win!!!

      • Lora says:

        The people have spoken, Colette!

        • Brent says:

          Caera – 3
          Jen – 2
          David – 1
          Faith – 2
          Amber – 2
          Tammy – 3
          Trevor – 1
          Lora (for a free week off) – 2
          Julie – 2
          Teresa – 1
          Rebecca – 1
          Dana – 1
          Susan – 1
          sailormoonsonic – 1
          Gina – 1
          Collette – 3 (finally!!!! :-P )
          Melissa – 1
          Albone – 1

          For some reason I sense a speech is soon to sound.

          • Hahahaha, “The people have spoken”–that sounds like a warrant for my arrest.

            At five stars I gets to picks a comic, right? I’ll settle for getting a cameo ;D

  10. Tigershark06 says:

    History is already written dearie…as brave and bold as your attempt was, it just wasn’t going to change the facts.

    Still, despite all that, it has to be heart wrenching to hear it!

  11. kimmquinn says:

    Bea’s face in that second to last panel is heart breaking. Very well drawn so full of emotion, makes my eyes feel like tearing up!

  12. Chloe says:

    NOPE NOPE NOPE, this isn’t happening. PLEASE

    on an unrelated note, I especially love the background on this page. Lovely colors.

  13. Amber says:

    This one puts the icing on the cake!

    Emily Dickinson:
    I wonder if when years have piled–
    Some thousands–on the cause
    Of early hurt, if such a lapse
    Could give them any pause;

    Or would they go on aching still
    Through centuries above,
    Enlightened to a larger pain
    By contrast with the love.

  14. Julie says:

    So, I’ve been at war with myself ever since Hammy was introduced ages ago. On the one hand, the Team Alan fangirl in me strongly dislikes him for his arrogance and over-familiarity with Bea. On the other hand, freckles.

    The VI decided it for me though. <3 Hammy! *lip quiver* That image is just too sweet not to like the guy.

  15. Regina says:

    Uh boy. I am cringing in anticipation of the next panel. Not gonna be pretty.

  16. Amber says:

    All right.. I think I have diagnosed part of Bea’s problem. She has amnesia. More specifically, Amnesia called Dissociative Fugue. Dissociative fugue has been linked to severe stress, which might be the result of traumatic events—such as war, abuse, accidents, disasters or extreme violence—that the person has experienced or witnessed. In this case, Bea’s kidnapping. Howe probably kept her on the ship because a doctor was tending to her. He probably hoped she would at some point regain her memory.
    Here are symptoms of this amnesia:
    Sudden and unplanned travel away from home
    Inability to recall past events or important information from the person’s life
    Confusion or loss of memory about his or her identity, possibly assuming a new identity to make up for the loss.
    Extreme distress and problems with daily functioning.
    As for modern-day… I do not know what to say for that. No doubt the amnesia somehow knocked her forward and she somehow took the identity of the modern day Bea. Many of the characters in the modern day are actually characters of the past. Her past, to be precise.
    Whatever the reason, Bea needs serious medical help.

  17. Susan says:

    Hamilton seems unset too. I mean partially because he has to tell Bea, but imagine what it would be like to hear of one of your peers being killed. Especially since I believe Hamilton was 19 when Nathan was 21. He’s still young. War isn’t so much fun when you get over you “teenage immoral feeling”.

  18. trevor says:

    She was to late. However, if this was a video game, she could just restart from her last save point. Or, like in Assassin’s Creed, just restart the sequence again later in the game after she got more used to the controls.

    Either way, death’s not permanent. And unless this is a NES or SNES game, you’ve technically got unlimited lives!

  19. Faith says:

    Hammy’s face in the last panel + VI = emotionally unstable.

    I think some Tennyson is called for.

    Excerpt from In Memoriam – On the Death of Friend:

    One writes, that “Other friends remain,”
    that “Loss is common to the race”-
    and common is the commonplace,
    and vacant chaff well meant for grain.

    That loss is common would not make
    my own less bitter, rather more:
    too common! Never morning wore
    to evening, but some heart did break.

    My lighter moods are like to these,
    that out of words a comfort win;
    but there are other griefs within,
    and tears that at their fountain freeze;

    For by the hearth the children sit
    Cold in that atmosphere of Death,
    And scarce endure to draw the breath,
    Or like to noiseless phantoms flit;

    But open converse is there none,
    So much the vital spirits sink
    To see the vacant chair, and think,
    “How good! how kind! and he is gone.”

    Now pardon me whilst I listen to “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and perhaps choke to death on tears.