FanArtPollooza 2014: Round 3!

You guys have really been keeping these coming in a steady stream! Just wait until what we have in store for you today. Remember: you have until April 25 to submit entries! To refresh yourself on the guidelines and rules, just click here. But first, check out all of the great entries below the cut!

“Beatrice, Alan, and Ben” by Hiromi Morita, showing our favorite heroine and her two possible suitors as if they were sketched in an old, recently found scrap of paper from the 1920′s:

dreamer fanart meow

Modern Attire Nathan Hale” by Alexis Pampa, who created a modern, rebellious-looking Nathan that looks ready to protest for a cause:


More Than Words” by Caitlin Hoffman, who wrote a fan fiction that brought Benjamin Tallmadge to a modern day college dorm room. Here’s an excerpt:

He had never seen a room furnished such as this before. It was as if someone had tried to fit all the necessities of a house–save the kitchen–in a space roughly the size of a bedchamber. And not even a large bedchamber.

“Where the blazes am I?” he whispered. “What happened to me?” That question birthed a far more disturbing query: Am I still who I think I am? He knew his name to be Benjamin Tallmadge, but then he also knew his surroundings to be an army encampment in the aftermath of a battle that had cost them many good men, including Colonel Knowlton. Since that part appeared to be wrong, perhaps he had his name wrong as well.

In glancing around the room, he noted a graceless, blocky chest of drawers shoved in the corner, a mirror hanging on the wall above. He pushed off the oddly firm surface of the bed and made a beeline for the corner, knocking something over in his mad dash.

“Hey, you okay?” the voice called through the door. “Ben?”

He was too preoccupied with his reflection to answer. The brown eyes staring back at him were definitely his own, as were the long nose, high forehead, and dark hair that just brushed his shoulders. But he didn’t recall being such an unshaven mess, and where the blazes was his shirt?

Time Warp: Past to Present” by Amanda Geil, who brought Alan back with Bea back to the modern day with the help of The Doctor (from BBC’s Doctor Who) and watercolor paints:


(Be sure to check out the detail shots Amanda links to in her dA post!)

Good luck to everyone, and look for another post coming soon. Keep those entries coming!

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17 Responses to FanArtPollooza 2014: Round 3!

  1. Alyssa says:

    Lovvve the Doctor Who crossover!

    • David says:

      I second that!

      Alan: “Beatrice, surely you don’t expect me to go traipsing about dressed like THIS?”
      Bea: “Oh, relax, Alan! You’ll blend in just fine here.”
      The Doctor: “Listen to her, Al. Besides, patriotic-themed t-shirts are COOL.”
      Alan: “Al?”

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks! And David- almost the exact thing I was thinking as I sketched the lineart.

        • David says:

          I can just imagine Alan’s reaction to Bea’s clothing choice.

          Alan: “Beatrice, proper young ladies do NOT go gallivanting about in public while wearing men’s BREECHES, for heavens sake!”
          Bea; “For the record, these are JEANS, not ‘breeches’….”
          Alan: “There doesn’t seem to be much difference!”
          Bea: “….AND I never claimed to be a ‘proper’ young lady!” *wiggles her behind*
          Alan: “STOP doing that!” *halfheartedly averts gaze*
          The Doctor: “Got a problem with girls in tight jeans, Al? Then it’s probably just as well you never met Amy Pond.”
          Alan: “Who’s ‘Amy Pond’? And stop calling me ‘Al’!”
          The Doctor: “Whatever you say, A.W.!”
          Alan: “Bah!” *storms off*

          • Brent says:

            My only concern is what happens when she goes to sleep. Is this gonna be like ‘Space/Time’ or ‘The Girl Who Waited’?

          • David says:

            Yeah. That could get awkward.

            Alan: *returning after storming off* “Bea, I’m sorry for losing my temper like that. You can just wear whatever you want and – Whoa! What happened?!”
            47-year old Bea: You stormed off 30 YEARS ago, you moron! I’ve been right here waiting for you to return ever since! Where the HELL have you BEEN?!”
            The Doctor: *returning from his stroll* “Okay, kiddies. Time we were headed back to 1776! *notices Bea is suddenly 30 years older* “Oh, no! Not AGAIN?!”

          • Brent says:

            *buries David in hug rug*

            …..or maybe…..

            Alan: “Well, she’s back home, now to fire up the tractor and-”
            Bea: “Alan! Hi!”
            Alan: “BEATRICE! But ….how?”
            Bea: “Oh, I fell asleep at Yvette’s way early this morning. Guess you went out with me instead. Did you like the dress? I don’t think–”
            Alan: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?”
            Bea: “Alan, calm down, before….before…. *faints*
            Alan: “Beatrice! What–”
            *a window opens*
            Beatrice: “Alan, will you keep it down? THIS body actually NEEDS sleep!” *slams window*
            Doctor: “Al! Come quick! i found a store that has peanuts in a can that turn into fake snakes when you open the can! We have to find the peanuts before….say, is that one of the Beas lying there?”
            Alan: “Yup. Come along, Doctor. We’re getting away from here.”
            Doctor: “….Can you say that first part again?”
            Alan: “…..Come along–”
            Doctor: “”Yes, yes, yes. One more time.”
            Alan: “Come along?”
            Doctor: “Okay, just one more.”
            Alan: “Come. Along.”
            Doctor: *sighs* “You have no idea how much I miss those words.”

          • Amanda says:

            Oh, my gosh…these comments just made my day. <3

          • David says:

            *crawls out of hug rug* Lora’s right. It just takes a TARDIS.

            The Doctor: “Oh, and I’ve also discovered another amazing item at the same store! It just LOOKS like an 8-ball from the game of pool that’s been enlarged to the size of a grapefruit, but it has a small window on one side, and when you ask the ball a question an ANSWER appears inside the window! Obviously the product of an advanced civilization!”
            Alan: “That’s interesting and all, Doctor. But we REALLY have to be going now. Help me get Bea into the tractor and then climb on board. We HAVE to get back to the TARDIS.”
            The Doctor: “But, Al, such technology could be dangerous in the wrong hands!”
            Alan: “That’s a chance we’ll have to take, Doctor. One problem at a time. C’mon!”
            The Doctor: “There’s also a seat cushion which, when sat upon, sounds like a human far-”
            Alan: “NOW, Doctor!”

  2. ????????? says:

    I really like modern Nathan. Soooo much.

  3. Jane Root says:

    I love Nathan. Moodern Nathan. But, I think, that he look without tatoo better, realy bettrr.

  4. Lora says:

    All of the drama in The Dreamer could easily be solved with a Tardis.

    Angsty hipster Nathan is too much– I love him! And the gang looks all ready to party at Gatsby’s house in the first one. And Ben Tallmadge is a dreamer too?! I loved that!

    These are fantastic!!

  5. Theresa says:

    Modern Nathan reminds me a bit of Milo from Atlantis: the lost empire (in a good way :) )

    Also awesome fan fic!

    • Sean M. says:

      I totally agree with that! One of my friends pointed that out and I can’t unsee it! I really kinda want hipster Nathan on a t-shirt.

  6. TW says:

    Wow, so many awesome entries for this contest!

  7. Brent says:

    Awesome story. Making Ben a Dreamer…that was good.

  8. bluebirdchaser says:

    Ok, whoever did the Doctor Who crossover is my hero. HUGE yes to glasses Nathan Hale. And everything about that 192s one. The style the coloring, gold star.