Issue #17 Title Page: Saddle Up

Issue #17 Title Page!

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I spent the weekend in Colonial Williamsburg for President’s Day. Since today’s update is the title page, I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip.

Colonial Williamsburg in Winter

Declaration Phone Case

I was excited that the Ben Franklin “Join or Die” woodcut Declaration Co. phone case I ordered came in before I left for my trip. Huzzah!

This billboard was in the Richmond airport when I got off the plane.

"You're just 46 miles from 250 years ago." Great Marketing Slogan!

“You’re just 46 miles from 250 years ago.” Great Marketing Slogan!

I stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge in the “Custis House,” which is a great place to stay if you can—within walking distance of the historic area. At first glance it’s super cute, right?


That is… until I looked closely at the colonial art hanging on the walls…

creepy cow

creepy baby

creepy bear

Yikes! Creepy animals and babies everywhere!

Yikes! Creepy animals and babies everywhere!

I was in town for a conference and it was held at the Williamsburg Inn. Lovely, no?

Williamsburg Inn

The first day of the conference, none of us needed coats. What an amazing break from the cold, Ohio winter. (It did catch up with me, though…)

Even the lunches are better at Colonial Williamsburg!

Even the lunches are better at Colonial Williamsburg!

One night, we all went to eat at the Kings Arms Tavern for the “full Colonial Williamsburg experience.” What I did not know, was that this experience would involve the forcible wearing of bibs.

Before I knew it, that tavern lady was behind me tying the tablecloth to my neck!

Before I knew it, that tavern lady was behind me tying a tablecloth to my neck!

There was a lot of fun to be had just in the conference room…

In an era before photography, you'd think Mr. Cuthbert's portraitist would have been a bit more forgiving. Ah, perhaps that was extra.

In an era before photography, you’d think Mr. Cuthbert’s portraitist would have been a bit more forgiving. Ah, perhaps that cost extra.

Governor Patrick Henry himself took the time to visit us, and speak with us a little about character.

Governor Patrick Henry himself took the time to visit us, and speak with us a little about character.

Presidents Washington and Jefferson also were kind enough to grace us with their presence. They both gave us their ideas on character and virtue as well. Three brilliant men, but none of them quite agreed.

Presidents Washington and Jefferson also were kind enough to grace us with their presence. They both gave us their ideas on character and virtue as well. Three brilliant men, but none of them quite agreed.

I’m a die-hard Colonial Williamsburg Fan. And every time I see photos of the lovely city covered in snow, I wish I were there. Saturday, I got my wish. The day started in rain but when the temperature dropped, down fell the largest, loveliest snowflakes I have ever seen!

colonial snowflakes

We did have time to explore the historic area and visit the artisan shops. Brand new was a blacksmith & armory!

The Blacksmith told me all about the government contract they'd gotten to make weapons during the war.

The Blacksmith told me all about the government contract they’d gotten to make weapons during the war.

Tin Smith Coming Soon! Can't wait!

Tinsmith Coming Soon! Can’t wait!

Cannon. Nuff Said.

Cannon. Nuff Said.

Paul Revere-made sugar bowl.

Paul Revere-made sugar bowl.

This was a gem of a find: a four-barreled Flintlock Pistol.

This was a gem of a find: a four-barreled Flintlock Pistol.

My favorite place to eat when I'm in town is the Cheese Shop in the marketplace. Sandwich & CW Magazine = perfection.

My favorite place to eat when I’m in town is The Cheese Shop in the marketplace. Sandwich & CW Magazine = perfection.

Back in the lobby of my hotel, I stumbled across proof that Bea and George Washington knew each other!

colonial folk artI couldn’t resist using the new panorama feature on my phone to capture Duke of Gloucester Street. This photo is facing the Capitol Building.

Click to see Larger!

Click to see Larger!

Well, it isn’t a trip to CW without taking a photo with TJ!

Till Next Time!

Till Next Time!






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57 Responses to Issue #17 Title Page: Saddle Up

  1. Caera says:

    Oh I LOVE the quote. John Wayne for the win!

    The VI: Bea says she’s not going back to Boston? Can I go in her place?

    I love the pictures. No coats, then snow all in one trip? People say TEXAS has bipolar weather! :D And I want to go to this conference, if the founding fathers are going. How do I get admission? ;)

    • Lora says:

      Oh, the founding fathers are there all year round!

      Though, does anyone know if Hamilton ever shows up? I know they do march to Yorktown events, but I’ve never seen Hamilton there!

  2. Amber says:

    I love Williamsburg as well!
    Last September I had the honor of reenacting the whole weekend there. I walked around Williamsburg in the morning when no modern people were there, dressed in period clothing. Then, out of nowhere, General Washington and his staff, including Lafayette come strolling down the street. talk about eerie! I felt like I had literally been transported back in time! It was a blast sleeping in a tent and spending two nights in historic Williamsburg. Because I was a reenactor, I got a free pass to the city. I did not need to pay for anything. I just showed my pass and walked in. So, I got to see everything in Williamsburg that weekend. When I got home, my feet had huge blisters and were very sore. But it was worth it.
    Poor me, I get so excited about history I seem immature. Then no one wants anything to do with me. They think I am a loony who should be locked up.
    I kept on stalking Washington and his staff and pestering General Lafayette. I managed to get a picture with Lafayette and his autograph. I have pictures of my time in Williamsburg if you guys want to see them. :)
    Oh, and great pictures Lora! I enjoyed them! Post more soon!

  3. Danielle says:

    The pictures bring back memories of my trip to DC – we stopped by CW – in high school like, 5-6 years ago. I loved the place. My parents are trying to schedule a time to get back to DC – in July, when I’m supposed to be studying for this huge important test, so plans might have to go on hold… – and if we do go – whenever that happens – I’m convincing them we should go back to CW. I love that kind of history. Probably one of the reasons I’m totally hooked on The Dreamer :D

    The pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh, and I LOVE THE QUOTE.

    • dadman says:

      It looks remarkably like it did during my 6th-grade field trip, um, 43 years ago. 8-/

      I know the director of the department of public history development, the group that plans the day and evening programs at CW. (That is if he’s still there—history’s changing all the time! He was with Richmond’s Museum of the Confederacy before coming to our museum back in 2001, leaving for Williamsburg in 2003. He was still there as of 2009…)

      So glad you had a good time!

  4. Brent says:


    God, after this week, I needed that…. (more below)

    So, thoughts in order…..

    -I want that case for my Samsung Brightside.
    -Since I started at the bottom, I had a second of thinking “….a trip to CW….” meant something with the station. Alas….
    -Nice inn, except for the devil art
    -I love cannons….sandwiches, too.
    -I need to go there… I smell a Dreamer meetup location?
    -VI = Ooph, bad times

    So, on a slightly very more serious note……my Uncle Arthur (Uncle Art if you’re hip or related) passed away last weekend. He was one of the country’s true cowboys, and all my memories of him involve him in a stetson (cowboy hat). He was a strong-willed man, but for the past year or more he had been in and out of the hospital with various conditions, most involving his heart. He had been in a state of induced sleep when he passed, and the state of Arizona is lesser for the loss of this cowboy.

    R.I.P., Uncle Art. I’ll miss you.

  5. nessili says:

    Aw, man! You were so close! I’m just a couple hours from CW.

    And if for some reason the Dreamer meet-up cannot be in Williamsburg, might I perhaps suggest Fredericksburg? We do have Ferry Farm, which is where George grew up, and his birthplace is about 1/2 an hour down the road from me (plus Stratford Hall, which is Lee’s childhood home, and a wonderfully restored place). We’ve also got the Rising Sun Tavern and Hugh Mercer’s Apothecary shop, plus more Civil War things than you can shake a stick at :)

  6. Faith says:

    “Three brilliant men, but none of them quite agreed.” HA! Indeed. But we love them all, don’t we? :) Much as I’d give to time-travel back and meet them, I think sometimes that perhaps it’s good to be at a distance, without having to deal with all the real-life urgency of the politics. I can just stand back and grin at history, all nice and settled and spread out for me to look at and comment upon as I wish.

    I love, love, love it when you share pictures of these places! I am securely stuck in the midwest at the moment, and have never been farther east than lake Michigan, so Colonial Williamsburg exists in my imagination somewhere between Narnia and Neverland. :)

    And… phone case envy! Declaration Co is so amazing – a split-second glance at their catalog is all takes for me to go a little weak at the knees…

  7. Caroline says:

    I’ve never commented here though I’ve been reading your comic for a long time now. This particular blog sparked my interest though. :)

    I was born in Williamsburg, VA and you just listed off places to me that I grew up with. I recognize nearly every picture you took, including the Cheese Shop (my mom worked there when she went to W&M across the street). I have walked down “dog street” countless times and seeing this blog just brought up tons of nostalgia.

    Anyways, I’m done rambling! Your comic is brilliant since I’m a diehard history geek and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  8. Julie says:

    I’m definitely joining the “phone case envy” bandwagon! :) I don’t even know what kind of phone cases are available for my phone (since I don’t have an iPhone…which it feels like most phone cases are designed for). :(

    I’ve always wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg (I don’t feel cool enough to call it CW just yet :P), but never have the stars aligned to make it so. We’ll have to see if I can convince the hubby to add that to the list of places we want to go together (which already includes Japan, Ireland, Boston, and all over Oregon and Washington).

    VI: Is that Hammy walking with Bea?? :) We haven’t seen his smug mug in a while!

    • Faith says:

      *Everything* is designed for the iPhone now, to coax everyone into buying a product and a data package they don’t want or need. [end anti-Apple rant] 0:) But then I am the sort who might just buy the case, because it is shiny, nevermind if it fits!

  9. Rachel Smith says:

    The creepy artwork was a popular early 19th c. series by Edward Hicks that’s somewhat ironically titled “The Peaceable Kingdom.” Obviously not very ‘peaceable’ for everyone, LOL!

  10. Callie says:

    The awkward moment when the creator of your favorite webcomic is in your town and you don’t even know about it . . T_T

    • Lora says:

      Are there ever any comic conventions near there?

      By peoples responses it seems like it could be a fun place for the next Dreamer meet up!

  11. Melissa says:

    I haven’t been to Williamsburg since I lived in DC, about ten years ago. It used to be my mom would ask where we’d like to go for our vacation, and it was always Williamsburg/Bush gardens. I’m madly insanely jealous right now. :) totally would try and get there for a dreamer convention :)

    I figured out the VI! Took me long enough. Just have to pay attention to the outfits and hair… Oh Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  12. Faith says:

    I just noticed the writing on the cute lunch box! Have you gone down the gluten-free path, Lora? :)

    • Lora says:

      I have for about six months now. It’s really helping my arthritis.

      • Faith says:

        It’s become quite the thing recently! (My family and I are kinda like dietary hipsters… we were gluten-free before it was cool. =P) It’s awesome how many GF options there are now, compared to even 5 years ago. We used to have to make stuff from scratch all the time. Now we just load up on good old Betty Crocker’s GF cookie, cake, and brownie mixes! They are marvelous. :)

        • Lora says:

          I have to say that San Francisco was the best for it!

          I was so sad to come back to Columbus, though Columbus (surprisingly) is a bit of a foodie destination. A lot of the local places are starting to offer GF options.


        • Caera says:

          My friend has Celiac’s disease so my family and I have started looking into GF noms so he can eat when he comes over. I also might possibly have a slight gluten sensitivity, so I’m thinking of trying GF for a few months to see what happens. I know my brother was doing that. I should check and see what his results are. :P

      • KimmQuinn says:

        You have arthritis and going GF helped? Please tell me more! I have TMJ so badly on one side of my jaw it progressed into arthritis and can be very painful. :(

        • Lora says:

          I have arthritis but I also injured my knee this summer. The inflammation from the injury would not go down—not with physical therapy, a cortisone shot, or prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds.

          After mentioning all this to a friend who is studying to be a nutritionist, she suggested I try gluten free because gluten causes inflammation. I was in so much pain and nothing the docs were trying was working. So I thought the worst that happens is I don’t eat bread and pasta (etc) for a week—big deal.

          It only took a weekend for the inflammation to go down. In a week, I was feeling better than I had since the injury. It’s made my other joints (which have mild arthritis) feel better too.

          Now, it hasn’t *fixed* my knee injury, but it’s kept the inflammation down. I need surgery, but until we can afford it, this is helping me manage it.

          I don’t know what your diet is like. I’m Italian! So I had a LOT of wheat in my regular diet. If you don’t ordinarily eat a lot anyway, you might not notice a big difference. But my philosophy is: try it! If it helps, keep at it.

          Anything is better than suffering everyday. Believe me, I understand that.

          Good luck! <3 If you try it let me know how it goes!

          • KimmQuinn says:

            Thanks so much for the tips! I might try it… I eat mostly veggies but I certainly don’t exclude wheat from my diet, and I usually opt for wheat when given the choice! I think I might try this for a week and see how I feel. Thanks again :) and glad to hear you have found some relief!

      • Julie says:

        I didn’t know that GF could impact things like arthritis! O_O That’s cool! I wonder if it could impact my bi-lateral writer’s cramp (not that I’d easily jump on the GF bandwagon…but the botox injection treatments are painful, have side-effects, and cost an arm and a leg).

        • Lora says:

          You mean a cortisone shot? I’ve had it done to my knee. No, not something you should have done regularly or it can lead to degeneration of your joint, but it’s not that painful. I promise! My tetanus shot hurt worse.

  13. Here in Texas and yes we do have bipolar weather it was quite cold today great pics from your trip Lora glad you had a good time sure wish I was home

  14. Adriana says:

    I used live to near Norfolk so I was able to visit a lot of the surrounding historical places. If you do get the chance to go out there again, I highly recommend visiting Fort Monroe near Hampton. It used to be an active military base until about a year ago, but now it is a historical park. It’s absolutely beautiful all year round because it’s right near water and has the originally buildings in tack from the early 1800s. Also, the original stone fort is still up to. :]

  15. David says:

    @Lora: That four-barreled flintlock pistol was interesting, although when you first mentioned it I thought you were describing one of those “Duck’s Foot” pistols, so called because of the way the multiple barrels are splayed out. I take it you’ve heard of them?

    • Lora says:

      Picture please! Sounds awesome!

      • David says:

        Ah, welllll, I currently lack all the gear to do that online myself right now, so you’ll all just have to google it under “Duck’s Foot pistols”. Really, though, those are probably the oddest looking firearms I’ve ever seen.

        • Faith says:

          They look very steampunk. :)

          • David says:

            I know, right? If they were breech-loaders instead of flintlocks and/or caplocks they would definitely belong in a steampunk story, or in one of those Victorian Age “Jules Verne”-type adventure novels with their retro-futuristic technology.

          • David says:

            Btw, I know there were percussion-cap breechloaders. I was referring to the time in the Victorian Age when they would have pretty much gone out of use, around 1880-1900, which would be about the heyday of steampunk, technology-wise. Of course I’m not overlooking steampunk adventures that could take place prior to that timeline. For example, an altered American Civil War would offer many possibilities, such as Land Ironclads and early Airships.

          • Faith says:

            I’m actually co-writing a story set in a WWII alternate history. I hesitate to call it ‘steampunk’ because the word conjures up such Victorian vibes, but there is a key scientist-inventor character that triggers a technology boom (hence ‘alternate’ history). It’s quite fun, having the artistic license to play around with a particular time period.

  16. Tamesin says:

    Yes, there’s something about crossing that 80w longitude line that suddenly makes people wear bibs in restaurants. Stick a lobstah on theah, and you’d be a propah New Englandah!

  17. Half Moon says:

    Love the title page and the quote!!! Also, I’m going to Colonial Williamsburg for Spring Break!!!!! Why can’t we ever wind up there at the same time!?!?!?!? also, last time I was there I got to go to the Washington talk, it was awesome! I also got to see part of LaFeyettes talk! <3

  18. Hahaha, I stayed up insanely late last night waiting for the update. Then I woke up this morning and realized it was Tuesday TODAY and not YESTERDAY, haha. That’s what happens when I go on Spring Break.

    • Lora says:

      Last night Mike told me he was going to bed early. I said, “Wait—you have to update The Dreamer!” He was at the computer for quite awhile before he came to get me and said, “Lora… it’s Monday.”

      LOL. You almost got your wish!

      • Faith says:

        I think there must’ve been a disruption in the time/space continuum, because I too have been a day off for almost a week now!

  19. HOMYGOSH–Alan is in the VI!!! :D :D :D

  20. Knutt says:

    Random commment:

    I’ve always loved Alan’s letter to Bea. So I recently adapted it for the Doctor and Rose:

    Didn’t know where else to put it, so here it goes.

    Your pictures are awesome, by the way. :)