“One (Eternal) Life To Give” Mini Comic!

So the conclusion of Issue #16 was difficult for everyone…

But for no one more than Nathan himself.

Mr. Hale couldn’t handle all of your sad, grieving faces so he asked me if he could come back to say a few words to you. It was an extremely irregular request so my initial instinct was to deny him. But you try saying no to that face.

Nathan Hale One Life to Give

I’m very excited to present to you “One (Eternal) Life to Give”: the first ever Dreamer mini comic! Digital PDF download now available in the Store! Perfect for the iPad!

We also added a brand new Nathan Hale bundle pack which includes all of the Nathan Hale goodies—and then some!

  • “One (Eternal) Life to Give” digital mini-comic!
  • “Nathan Hale: Matters of the Heart” digital short story!
  • “Frederick Knowlton: First Impressions” digital short story! (featuring Nathan Hale)
  • Four Bonus Nathan Hale wallpapers!

Nathan Hale Bundle Pack Ad

The Dreamer has been rather heavy for a long time now. I feel a little silliness is well earned.

Thanks for being an intelligent, engaged, passionate, respectful, creative readership!  You make my job fun and my life enriched. I love you with all my heart.

And so does Nathan.

So go on—hear what he has to say! I got the feeling he couldn’t stay long…

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41 Responses to “One (Eternal) Life To Give” Mini Comic!

  1. Brent says:

    Best birthday gift EVER!!!

    (I mean, technically it’s not until Tuesday, but still….)

  2. Gina says:

    I just had to buy that; I’ve got such a weakness for posthumous messages, they just pack such a punch to the gut for me.

    That was so sweet and simple and I have a feeling the real Nathan Hale wouldn’t have been too far off the mark in his feelings on being remembered. I love the nods to the Dreamer fan community, but man, that last set of panels had me nearly in tears. How sweet and sad and lovely!

    Thanks, Lora :)

  3. Caera says:

    I’ll have to buy that when I’m working again.

  4. Colette says:

    Okay, I HAD to buy it!! Nathan just looked so cute. I tried to look into that face and say, “no, you don’t understand…my car payment is due tomorrow….my groceries……I……You’re not even real, don’t look at me like that……..”
    But I utterly failed, and bought it. You put plot chickens in it!!!! Oh my word, I feel so famous now, lol!! And the plushies!!! I was laughing and giggling so much at his total adorable-ness that I think I started crying. And then seeing Knowlton…:)

    Thank you for not only making Nathan’s passing more bearable, but also for giving us some laughs and smiles to make up for all of the tears.

    We will miss you dearly, Nathan.

  5. Julie says:

    That was wonderful Lora…and worth much more than the $3 you’re charging for it! :) I don’t think I’ll ever get those final two images out of my head either. :D It’s nice to know that Knowlton and Nathan are trying to help us out by catching those pesky buggers.

  6. Colette says:

    The last words of Nathan Hale have been so immortalized. Everyone knows them, even if they don’t know anything else about the young spy. And yet….history had it wrong. His last words were not “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”….

    His famous last words were PLOT CHICKEN!

  7. Amber says:

    The last part! I DIED with laughter! Oh, help!

  8. trevor says:

    My only regret…is that I have…boneitis….

  9. Piratecaptain26 says:

    Awww, I still really miss Nathan but reading that does make me feel a little better. hehe the idea of Benedict Arnold on a team with Knowlton is extremely amusing :P Nice work Lora! (Nathan looked adorable btw <3 )

  10. Karen says:

    Aw, thanks for that. Very cute. <3

  11. Katie says:

    Oh my goodness, now THAT is the way to make an exit!

  12. Rose says:

    That was awesome. :) My daughter and I are smiling over Nathan’s last goodbye.

  13. So, funny, issue 16 didn’t make me cry. I knew it was coming, and I thought it was touching and really well told, but Nathan goes out strong and proud, and fighting the good fight.

    *This* goodbye made me cry.

    Well done, Lora. I’m glad you let him convince you to give him the last word. :)

  14. Half Moon says:

    Crying my eyes out and going to check out that bundle…

  15. KostberaLili says:

    Nathan in the mini-comic is just sooooo lovely!
    Thank you very much, Lora~

  16. Melissa says:

    Oh my good gravy goodness!!!!! That was Epic!!!!!! Apparently, cartoons do have after lives, and appently they have fast food. Tee hee! twenty minutes, fries, tee hee! I’m very gleeful now. Thanks Lora. There is a very big grin on my face now.

  17. tibby says:

    Didn’t get to read the story yet, but that pic totally reminded me of the Matthew West lyrics:
    Got a picture in my head today of how heaven might look someday.
    I see the people there, so I pull up a chair And their stories, they blow me away

  18. Amanda says:

    I have a question about the other short stories in the store… are we never going to know those stories (Alan and Bea first meeting… Milly Weaver…) unless we buy them? I thought they were pretty much integral parts to the story…

    • Lora says:

      Nothing in the short stories is essential to understanding the comic/ main storyline. Everything you need for the comic to make sense will be in the comic.

      But, if you want to know more about the characters or certain events, I wrote these to tell all the extra stories I knew wouldn’t fit into the comic.