Otakon 2013

For the past few years, Otakon has been my biggest show. So I’m excited to be heading back this year! Come on out this Friday, August 9th through Sunday the 11th for a weekend that is unlike any other convention I’ve ever been to!

Come see me at Booth CCO2 in Artists Alley (Hall E)!

Otakon Floor Map

Booth CC02, listed under “The Dreamer” (not Lora Innes).

I have a bunch of new poster prints: glossy, 12 X 18, full inches of art! Here are a few of the designs you’ll have to pick from:

Brand new for Otakon 2013: Countdown to Culper A and B sides, Loki > Thor, and I AM SHER-LOCKED prints!

Brand new for Otakon 2013: Countdown to Culper A and B sides, Loki > Thor, and I AM SHER-LOCKED prints!


A few other images: Dreamer covers, WWII Captain America, Poison Ivy, Manga Bea and Nathan Hale's last stand.

A few other images: Dreamer covers, WWII Captain America, Poison Ivy, Manga Bea and Nathan Hale’s last stand.

I also recently got these beautiful postcard sets. They include one bonus card with a blank sketch card back for either you or me to draw on! Full color art on the front, my original sketches on the back. I love these!


10 postcard set with 11 bonus card that has a blank, sketch card back!

For the first time ever I’ll be bringing original art with me to sell.

Prices on pieces range from $50 to $400, depending on the piece. I also will be selling covers and pages from the first ten issues of The Dreamer. If there is a page you are interested in, email me and I will bring it to the show.

Most Dreamer are priced around $200. “First appearance” pages will sell for more. ONLY pages from issues #1 – #10, because after that my art is all digital, not because I’m mean. I will have Page 1, from Issue #1 with me at the show– the original is actually one drawing that I cut up into six pieces for the comic. First come first serve on that one.

And lastly, I’ll be sitting right next to my sister who runs the Teena Bee booth. She is making a very limited amount of Dreamer bags for Otakon! Check out her beautiful stuff on her Facebook page.

Teena Bee Bags

See you at Otakon, I can’t wait!

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28 Responses to Otakon 2013

  1. Caera says:

    *sighs* I wish I could come. I think it would do me good; been in a slump lately. Missing my Dreamer updates.

  2. Lora says:

    I miss all The Dreamers, too! Don’t worry– the blog will be active again soon!

  3. Brittany Tomick says:

    Oh my goodness I’m so excited no ecstatic that I will finally get to meet you! Oh man I will definitely have to open up my bank for some awesome dreamer memorabilia to go along with all the things my old college buddy got me when I missed out on seeing you four years ago. This is so awesome!

  4. Theresa says:

    Those post cards are incredible! Wish I could be there but it is probably better for my wallet that I am not able to.

  5. Ginny-gin-gin says:

    Gah! A Sher-locked poster?! Why did I not know about this before?!

  6. Brent says:

    LOKI! Ohmygod, I see Loki! And…..also that Caera has not commented on it. Weird.

  7. ShariIsLikeWHOA says:

    And henceforth Friday shall be known as CRYday until The Dreamer returns XD

  8. Gina says:

    Ooh, sweet merchandise! Wish I were there so I could buy all the things. Have fun, Lora! :D

    Also totally off-topic, but I had the weirdest dream about The Dreamer the other night! Doubly weird because I don’t usually dream about webcomics, much less ones written about dreaming in particular, but yeah. I dreamed that it somehow turned out that Bea had been experiencing one of those fake 18th-century village things where people dress/work/speak as if they were from that era, but are paid to for a tourist attraction type thing? And Alan was really just a regular dude walking around in jeans and t-shirts but he was still like, ‘Bea, I love you! Let’s go ride off into the modern world together!’

    But then she was arrested for some reason and Alan spent a while looking forlorn until he went off on his motorcycle to rescue her and then I woke up. I have no idea why that all happened but I found it amusing. :)

  9. Warren says:

    Hoping you still have the Cap pictures at TriCon (assuming you’re going to be there next time!) My son lost the one we bought last time — while we were still there!!

  10. ShariIsLikeWHOA says:

    Happy Weeps-day everyone!!!

  11. ShariIsLikeWHOA says:

    It’s Cry-day! I wonder which Dreamer chapter I should read…