Site Maintenance Saturday

Just a quick note that we are doing some site maintenance, so if things seem a little wonky with the blog, that is why. Should be over with by the end of the night. The comic viewer pages should work fine. Thanks for your patience!

Webmaster Mike :)

UPDATE 2-3-13: Well, if you tried to visit the site last night and it was down, that would be because there were issues on our web host’s end that needed resolved. I’m happy to say that you should no longer experience the slow loading of the site anymore. However, that means that the scheduled maintenance I planned for yesterday is only half complete. So for now, things in the sidebar on the blog are going to be weird until I can find some time tonight to fix. Sorry again for the inconvenience, it will be fixed as soon as possible!

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35 Responses to Site Maintenance Saturday

  1. Caera says:

    Cool beans. :)

  2. Sam1775 says:

    Dreamer fans and Nathan Hale are counting on you, Mike. Please don’t leave them hanging, so to speak. The fix is good for a draft Sam Adams (no need to GYODB) on your next Boston visit.

  3. Karen says:

    I don’t know if this is the best time for this, but that reminded me of an old, old joke I saw on Laugh In about forty years ago.

    Martin: Do you know what Nathan Hale’s last words were?
    Rowan: No, what?
    Martin: *crickets*
    Rowan: Well, don’t just leave me hanging there!
    Martin: That’s it!

  4. Julie says:

    <– Is still experiencing slow loads for the site. :( Granted, I should have enough patience to wait for 20 seconds or more (yes, I timed it…don't judge me! :P) considering how long I lived with a dial-up connection, but patience has never been one of my virtues. :)

    • Lora says:

      Try emptying your cache and then reloading. See if that helps. If it doesn’t, let us know!


    • Mike Innes says:

      I still think they are intermittently messing with the server- we’ve experienced a few brief outages since the weekend, you may have just had unfortunate timing- however if it keeps happening as Lora said, let us know and we’ll keep pressing the issue. Thanks!!!

      • Julie says:

        Well, I delete/clear everything at least two times a day under normal circumstances, but I cleared it all and reloaded the page this morning. It toook almost 30 seconds for the light brown background to load so I could read the comments and blog post. :(

        I’d say it’s just me and my computer being mean, but it loads other websites just fine.