WOWIO Change

I just wanted to let everyone know that I decided to pull The Dreamer from WOWIO.  They were recently bought out by Platinum Studios, and when that happened, their policies changed.  I was excited at first because they took WOWIO global.  But they also changed the free download policy, and Dakuwaka had to start charging for downloads.  Needless to say the number of downloads dropped dramatically when that happened.  There are other changes which made me uncomfortable.

I’ll have Mike pull the WOWIO links from our downloads section soon because they don’t work anymore.

Mike Penny and Dakuwaka were absolutely great to work with, and always totally sweet to me, and I’m sorry to have to stop working with them.

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9 Responses to WOWIO Change

  1. Swinsea says:

    Pay for downloads off WOWIO? Wasn’t part of the awesomeness the fact that you’d have access to all that for free, thanks to sponsors?

    I’ve got to check this out now. Not cool.

  2. Beatrice says:

    That’s absolutely retarded. Platinum Studios is taking over everywhere, and I’m not too happy about it, either. WOWIO =/= pay. D:

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  5. Albone says:

    Phoeey to WOWIO and Platinum. Have IDW dump a truckload of money on your front lawn (or you know, a cashier’s check) and do your own pdf downloads with IDW ads in it. Then you could have your rules, like in order to download the pdf, you have to be wearing a ‘I heart Nathan Hale’ shirt.’ XD

  6. Beatrice says:

    //raises hand// I agree with Alan! I would comply with that rule, yesyes. <3

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  8. Saknika says:

    My friend and I were JUST wondering if it was true about being charged. Guess so! We couldn’t decide. Man… that stinks.

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