Miss You

BEA-sketch Concept art for the end of Countdown to Culper Issue #3.

This is an update to you know what has been going on. I’m sorry for the radio silence.

On my last post, I vaguely mentioned a family illness. Mike’s father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in February. […]

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Ask A Dreamer! Spontoons


I hope you enjoy the final Ask A Dreamer! strip.

That’s right: Dreamer Updates Return Next Friday, February 5th!

I’ll be updating Fridays only until I get the timeline for the rest of the Wynonna Earp mini-series. I want to make sure that […]

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From The Vault


This is my first drawing of Bea–before she even had a name. I had no idea which era I was going to set The Dreamer in. I found a pretty dress I liked on google and sketched something out.

(Fun fact: Before Alan and Bea had names, in my notes they were […]

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