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Bea gets an unwelcome roommate. This is the last update for The Dreamer: Countdown to Culper Issue #2.

ClexaCon was incredible! I went to promote my other graphic novel, Wynonna Earp–a comic book adaptation of the SyFy television series. The Earper fandom is unlike anything I’ve been a part of, and it was such an honor to meet them in person.

(I snuck The Dreamer in!)

I had created an exclusive print for the show, limited to 50, hoping to sell out by the end of the show. I was seriously unprepared. When the doors opened, a line formed and for two hours we were selling prints nonstop until the exclusive print was gone, and most of the others, too.

Photo by @WynonnaEarpPod on Twitter

One of the things I love best about conventions is face-to-face meetings with online friends and fans.

Kevin Bachelder and Bonnie Ferrar, hosts of the Wynonna Earp Podcast.

One of my favorite fan moments was when Carmen walked up to my table and I recognized her before she introduced herself. She had won an IDW Publishing contest, and the prize was a cameo on the cover of a Wynonna Earp issue. I drew her on the cover in awe of Wynonna’s sharpshooting at a carnival game. (It was the “road trip” issue of the series.)

“I drew you, didn’t I?”

Later in the day, my friend Beth, who was helping me at my table all weekend, surprised me with a photo shoot with two of the television actresses, Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkey, and the show’s creator, Emily Andras. There was much squeeing and hugging and I gave them prints and finally the photographer had enough and told us they were taking the photo. A second and snap later and we look remarkably poised.

One of the Earpers, Jyo, snapped this photo of the girls looking at the artwork I gave them after the shoot.

Photo by @coopsin78 on Twitter.

Day 1 was unbelievable. I love you, Earpers! I’ll post a Saturday Recap on Wednesday.

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