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I brought the original artwork for all of the Countdown to Culper covers to ClexaCon–and you can see them on Patreon, too.

This cover features George Washington and General Howe. The greens in the center are laurels, symbolic of military victory in Roman times. Though to find out which Commander-In-Chief will walk away with the crown, you’ll have to keep reading.

Washington is holding a sword that belonged to him during the Revolutionary War. You can see the hilt peeking out in Charles Peale’s 1772 pre-Revolutionary War portrait of Washington. According to, this was the sword Washington wore when he took the first Presidential oath of office.

Click to zoom in on the full-sized image on Wikipedia.

You can learn more about this sword and see beautiful high-resolution photos of it on

I’ll post a ClexaCon Day 2 summary on Friday. I’m still on the road–today is the last leg of my trip. Which is great because though I had a fabulous time in Vegas, there’s no place like home. (Poor Bea is finding that out too late.)

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