Mike and I are on our way down to Colonial Williamsburg for their Christmas Grand Illumination Celebration! Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear about it and see pictures. To avoid any mishap with an unreliable hotel internet connection, we’re giving you Friday’s page right now.

New Page #3!

Aunt Mary coaxes a young Alan to tell her what is wrong.

It’s FanArtPollooza time! If you missed the full announcement, read the complete rules for the contest here.

In a nutshell, entries are due December 21st, and must be inspired by events in Graphic Novel Volume 2! (Issues 7 – 11) You can write songs, poems, fan fic, draw pictures, take pictures, make costumes, dress your dogs in costumes–whatever you want! The more creative, the better! Oh yeah, and you can win free graphic novels, drawings, and other cool stuff.

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