You get a three page update this week because I couldn’t split up pages 8 & 9.  So Pages 7, 8 & 9 this Friday!  Enjoy!  For whatever reason there was confusion last time: you have to click on the Double Page Spread to see it full sized.  Hopefully Mike will find a way to work that out on the new site, but for now that’s the only way to view it.  Anyway, it looks like Bea’s Friday keeps getting worse and worse, and she’s in rare form!


(Last night she couldn’t decide if she wanted Ben, now she’s mad that she can’t have him.  Women!)

Special thanks to my girlfriends Beth Brockhaus (of Dreamer Trailer and insane cake-making fame) and Liz Hornbeck (who wrote the Frederick Short Story).  I spent Memorial Day weekend with them, and they helped me write the two-page spread.  I had major writer’s block on that scene which lasted months and months, and they came in to the rescue!  I think it’s one of the most fun pages in The Dreamer yet.  Hell hath no fury like… a football player scorned.

This was a great week for The Dreamer: we finalized the Graphic Novel and sent it off to print!  I think we came up with a beautiful book that won’t disappoint!  Also, I got pictures of the first Dreamer Cosplay (that I know of) and it’s too good to keep to myself.

(On a side note, I wanted to mention my Facebook account.  A lot of you have been finding me there and sending me Friend Invites.  Which… is really flattering that you hunted me down and want to add me.  But I keep my Facebook profile private except to friends and family.  I use my MySpace account for The Dreamer community, and when one of my friends or family updates, I can’t ever tell because my friend list is so massive.  For awhile I was returning each Facebook invite with a note explaining this, but it’s just grown too time consuming.  If you’ve sent me an invite, I love you guys and am really sorry!!  But let’s hang out here, on DeviantART, Twitter, or MySpace.  It’s not personal! Thank you for understanding!)

And VOTE this week to preview the new Dreamer Website I keep talking about!  Mike only let me post this under the strictest assurance that I would let you all know that it is a work in progress.  So there, I told you.  Now go vote to see it!