Act II: Countdown to Culper

Issue 1
When Bea and Alan arrive in New York to fulfill her secret mission, Bea is overwhelmed by finding the unlikeliest of people at her uncle’s house. To make matters worse, she learns that she can’t ask her uncle for help which throws a wrench into all of their plans.

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Issue 2
When Alan catches Bea with the wrong person, cracks start to form in their relationship. Bea second guesses her decision to become a spy but when Alan refuses to help her, she turns to someone who will.

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Issue 3
When the war explodes again, Bea and her family feel the ripples all the way down in New York City. Alan doesn’t know how to react… and Bea doesn’t know how to help him.

Act I: The Consequence of Nathan Hale

Issue 1
Eighteen-year old Beatrice Whaley can’t shake last night’s dream about a handsome stranger in a British redcoat and an unforgettable kiss. Bea’s friends laugh when she tells them about it so she tries to do the same but that night when she falls to sleep, the dreams return.

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Issue 2
Bea wrestles through the implications of last night’s dreams and winds up taking it out on the wrong person. When she falls asleep right before a very important event, Bea finds herself back in the past again. This time, she is determined to figure out what is happening.

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Issue 3
Bea wakes up from yet another vivid dream about Knowlton’s Rangers just in time to make it to the museum for her date with Ben. The evening takes a turn for the worse when she discovers an ominous clue in a painting that suggests one of the Rangers is in mortal danger.

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Issue 4
Disturbed by her discovery at the art museum, Bea convinces Nathan Hale that it is imperative that they rescue Alan from harm. However, too late she realizes that things are not quite as they seemed—and this mistake just might cost them their lives.

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Issue 5
Bea and Nathan manage to find their way back to Knowlton’s Rangers in time to warn them that the British have set a trap for the Americans. The Rangers make a hasty retreat but when a group of Redcoats catches them off guard, it’s a flight for their lives back to the forts.

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Issue 6
In the aftermath of the battle, the Americans find themselves trapped between the British army and navy with nowhere to turn. When Bea wakes up back in the present, she tries to convince the one person that she trusts that her dreams are, in fact, real.

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Issue 7
After the Battle of Brooklyn, Bea is determined to take a break from the Revolutionary War and focus on her real life. She tries to make things right with Ben who makes it clear that it will take more than an apology to make up for blowing off their date.

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Issue 8
Bea wakes up in the past to find that Alan and Nathan have been charged with making sure that Bea shares what she knows about the British with General Washington. Bea would be happy to help—if only she could remember what it is that she is supposed to remember.

Issue 9
Bea and Ben are forced to get an after-school job and Bea finds out her best friend is going to the Halloween dance with the one person Bea hoped she wouldn’t. Back in the past, Bea meets a familiar face during the retreat from New York City and learns that nowhere is safe in a war.

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Issue 10
When the British attack Kip’s Bay, Bea, Alan, Nathan and Captain Hamilton try to buy the retreating American army enough time to make it out of the city safely. But they’ll need the help of a loyalist family—and convincing them might take more time than they have.

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Issue 11
When Bea wakes up the next day, it seems that all of her friends are angry with her. She has to deal with the fallout of ignoring everyone while her feelings for both Ben and Alan have her wondering which century she really belongs in.

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Issue 12
Bea eavesdrops on a secret Knowlton’s Rangers’ officers meeting and learns that Nathan Hale has volunteered for a dangerous job. Alan’s sickness takes a turn for the worst as everyone prepares for tomorrow’s inevitable battle.

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Issue 13
Nathan Hale sets out on his secret mission. Alan writes Bea a farewell letter on the eve of the battle. Knowlton’s Rangers set out to engage the British at Harlem Heights and when their plan works too well, all of their lives are forever changed.

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Issue 14
Hovering on the edge of death, Alan reflects on his life in this double-sized Dreamer issue. Bea fights to break his fatal fever and recruits the help of the only surgeon in the army who wants to save Alan’s life just as much as Bea does.

Issue 15
Bea is exhausted at school the day after the battle but there is no rest for the weary when a history class assignment reveals that Nathan’s mission might be fatal. Bea tries to cut school to try to warn him but, tired of her reckless behavior, her friends intervene.

Issue 15 Pages

Issue 16
Tipped off by the school nurse, Bea’s parents find her at home when she should be at school. Concerned, they try to talk to her but desperate to save Nathan Hale’s life, Bea makes a decision that just might forever alter her own.

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Issue 17
Bea’s impulsive decision successfully winds her back in the past, but she might be too late to save Nathan. She volunteers to help George Washington by taking on a dangerous mission herself—a decision that puts her at odds with Alan.

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