(Guest Blog by Alan Evans)

Lora’s been kind enough to let her Dream Team buddies guest blog on the site. I’ve been a booster since Issue 1, page 18 when I read it on Drunkduck. I came for the art and stayed for the story and I’m sure a lot of you have a similar tale.

There are a lot of reasons to follow The Dreamer. It’s emphasis on story and characterization appeals to anyone with an optimistic, curious and convivial disposition along with heart gripping tension and OMG moments. The art is beautiful. With all of this in mind I would like to present to you, MY Top Ten moments in The Dreamer.


#10-Issue 1, page 4: Welcome to the supporting cast! Yvette, Liz, Ben and soon to be introduced cousin and all around foil, John on the way make their debut. From the get go we can see that Bea’s friends are very important to her and her story.


#9-Issue 3, page 18: We know that Bea doesn’t have natural history acumen, so when she stumbles upon a painting depicting Knowlton and Howe and with a title like, ‘The Death of Warren,’ it all hits a little too close to home. This moment is the snowball that turns into an avalanche for Bea’s personal life (with Ben, Liz and John), and her dream life (Nathan and Alan).


#8-Issue 2, page 19: Meeting for the first time. Again. Bea knows she should now Alan. She feels it but she doesn’t remember him. What you get is an AWKWARD but it’s terribly cute as they two get reacquainted. Again.


#7-Issue 6, page 10: If there was ever of doubt that The Dreamer was rooted in American history, then look no further than number seven. George Washington makes his dramatic debut by laying the smack down on some quibbling soldiers.


#6-Issue 4, page 2:The Dreamer is many things: Adventure, romance, war, but it’s also not afraid to throw in a laugh now and again as this page shows. Bea’s pragmatism outweighs Nathan’s swaggering position as the gun is the traveling buddy of choice over the very pretty, but not nearly as effective spontoon.


#5-Issue 5, pages 10-11: “Fire!” Never before had we seen so many of our beloved characters in such mortal danger. Surrounded and surprised by the lobster backs, it takes every bit of luck and ingenuity to escape with their lives. However, nobody comes out of this encounter unscathed either mentally or physically.


#4-Issue 1, page 22:The Dreamer’s introduction to fan favorite Colonel Thomas Knowlton and could you imagine any other kind of intro? Knowlton’s gruff but honest demeanor has earned him celebrity status in The Dreamer. Oh by the way, we are also introduced to another fan favorite, Nathan Hale.


#3-Issue 7, page 16: This is the moment that Bea takes control of her situation and owns it. She finally gets her guy after so many years, shy glances and even a choking bout! Some of you like Ben, some of you like Alan but this page had you all wondering about Bea and her future.


#2-Issue 5, page 25: I know what you’re thinking: “Of course you picked the dust up.” Ah, but remember the over seventy plus comments regarding this dust up between best friends Nathan and Alan? You guys thought this was pretty special too. Nothing interests us more than when two friends like Alan and Nathan throw down.


#1-Issue 1,Page 2: The quintessential image of The Dreamer lies on the second page of issue number one. Even if you’ve never read every page of The Dreamer, you probably made your way through page 2 of the series, so you know it. You know that this solider and this girl love each other and you’d recognize this image instantly after seeing it.

So what do you think? Whether you agree with my list or not, you’re bound to have your own top ten. What are some of YOUR favorite moments in The Dreamer?